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I Have Been Sleeping In A Casket For 15 Years, My Family And Friends Distanced Themselves From Me Because Of… (WATCH VIDEO)

A man identified as Hamiss from Tanzania revealed that he has been sleeping in a Coffin for 15 years now. He claims that his family and friends doubt his wealth and after buying the Coffin, they deserted him.

“He was born normal but according to him, 15 years ago, he felt that he possessed strong powers which he claims to have inherited from his parents.

“The spirit he possesses asked him to buy a Coffin which would become his bed. He was also instructed to buy a rod which he walked with and performed rituals to it special.

“One of his sisters spoke with Afrimax and revealed that she stopped associating with him when she realized he was sleeping in a Coffin despite him having a bed.

“She added that he also gained a lot of wealth after buying the Coffin which made her doubt him more. Hamiss claims that he has powers to heal and whenever a sick person visits him, he asks him/her to sleep in his coffin till morning and wake up healed.

“Neighbours fear him and he has been having a hard time getting a life partner. He narrated an incident where he dated a girl from another town for one year. When she invited her into his house and showed her where he sleeps, the girl cut him off.

“He claims to be a normal person and the reason why he sleeps in the Coffin is because no one can harm a person in a Coffin so if his house would be raided, he can’t be hurt. He also claims that since death is inevitable, if he dies, people won’t have a problem burying him.”.