I Have Not Been Toasted in 5 Years

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A UK-based Nigerian lady has taken to social media to cry out for help due to lack of men to toast her in the country.


According to her, there is scarcity of men interested in asking her out in the country.


The lady claims that since moving to the UK, she hasn’t received any romantic advances or been approached by men interested in her.


She cautioned women planning to relocate to the UK not to leave their partners behind in Nigeria, as they may struggle to find new romantic interests in the UK.


The lady captioned:


“POV: I never see man toast me for road since I move to UK ooo, sisters, no leave ur bobo ooo”


Read some comments below:


@Leonzora said: “Person come down from bus come toast me, help me carry my bag sef.”


@Tjcutie commented: “Are you sure? Me I don see like three toast me for road before o. In space of 1 year, but I no need am.”


@Kay_Kay said: “If you like waka naked for street of UK, omo you are invisible nobody go look your face oooo. Na bills dey everybody head.”


@iyoreobasohan said: “You have said it all it all depends on where you are! but it’s funny sha.”


@Emmanuel said: “See, all this lady in UK are always after work; they don’t have time.”


Watch the video below:

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