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I Lied to My Boss That I Was HIV Positive After He Tried to Rape Me to Save My Life But This Happened Instead

Wanjiru has revealed how she saved her life from being raped by her Saudi boss. She lied to him that she was HIV Positive and that her medical papers were forged.

Before she went to Saudi, the agent lied to her that she was going to Germany. In the airport, she was told, together with other ladies, that they would connect their flight to Saudi Arabia.

When they arrived, they were taken to a hall where they were locked, and their documents were taken. After two weeks, a lady went and picked her up and took her to a house. She took her around the house showing her where and how to be cleaning the house. She told her that she was going to Germany to work as security but not in a household.

The lady laughed at her and told her to check the back of her passport. She confirmed that it was written that she was going to work as a housekeeper. After working there for 2 weeks, the lady went to visit her parents.

The husband returned home in the evening and found her washing clothes. He told her to switch off the machine to take her to buy shopping. He took her to the desert and told her that he was in love with her.

He told her to be sleeping with him and said that he would increase her salary. She told him that she was HIV Positive and that his medical papers were forged. He tied her hands and legs and told her to tell him the truth.

Wanjiru said she told him to sleep with him if he was not believing and later on go and be tested. The man was afraid and untied her. He threatened to kill her if she ever disclosed whatever happened.

When she got a chance to run away, she went to the police station and disclosed what had happened. He was told to pay for her flight back to the country.