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I Need A Boyfriend – Young Girl Appeals

It’s nice to believe that love comes always as a magical thing, a proverbial bolt of lightning across a crowded room.

It’s comforting to imagine that this most human of emotions has been with us forever, ageless and unchanging. Yet the history of romance reveals something very different; something driven by the technologies that define our era as much as by the chemicals that fuel our brains.

A young girl has just gone viral online stating that she needs a boyfriend, this turned out as a shock to a lot of social media users looking at her age.

She felt that she could not find love anywhere so she could try the internet and see how it goes. Unfortunately for her, what she met was not her expectations.

Many people were jabbing her left and right saying all sorts of things to her. She also got some people saying that they wanted her but cannot tell if that love is real or not.

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