I only beat my wife to correct her, man tells court

Lukman Soladoye, a father of four, came before a Shari’a court in Magajin Gari, Kaduna on Tuesday. He is accused of abusing his wife Kemi Soladoye and their four children.

Mr. Soladoye stated that he loved his family and wanted the best for them, but he also admitted to beating his wife and kids for wrongdoing.

Previously, the complainant, represented by attorney B.A. Tanko, claimed that she had considered getting a divorce because of the constant abuse but ultimately decided to work things out with her spouse.

She prayed court to caution the defendant to stop physically abusing her and their children.

The judge, Isiyaku Abdulrahman, asked the defendant if he would promise to stop beating his wife and children and the defendant said he would stop beating the wife not children.

“If your wife does anything wrong to you, talk to her about it and show your displeasure; you are not supposed to beat your wife.

“As for your children, beating is not the only way to correct a child; always show love and affection to your children, pray for them and advise them”, the judge advised.

The judge said the court will continue to monitor the defendant’s behavior and asked the complainant to report to the court if the defendant assaults her again.