“I Paid Their House Rents” – Governor Fubara Throws Fresh Dig at 27 Pro-wike Lawmakers

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Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, has taken a fresh swipe at the 27 lawmakers who defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC), stating that he had previously assisted them with their personal expenses, including paying their house rents and children’s school fees.

The Governor made this statement during a solidarity visit from the leadership structure, critical stakeholders, opinion leaders, women, and youths of Etche and Omuma Local Government Areas at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

Fubara reiterated that the legislative seats of Martin Amaewhule and 26 other lawmakers declared vacant on December 13, 2023, will remain so, as they have lost touch with the people who elected them.

He dismissed their recent ultimatum as “noise-making” and urged them to accept the reality of their situation.

He said, “Let me assure you that agriculture is an area that we have promised the very special and peace-loving people of Rivers State that our 2025 budget, which we have already started preparing, will address. Don’t bother about those people that are delusional. They think we are still sleeping. Let me tell you people so that they can hear anywhere they are.

“I wanted to help them, sincerely because I know them. And I have said it before, these are people that I have helped. I paid their children’s school fees. I paid their house rents. So, I wanted to help them.

“We all knew what happened when they crossed (defected), and how did they cross? Because of our God, for them to make that mistake, they crossed! They are gone, and they are gone. Now, let me tell you: when I wanted to help them, I accepted to help them because we are all one. We disagree to agree as it is said.”

Governor Fubara sated: “But, they thought they are smart. What is holding them is the declaration of their seats vacant that was done on December 13, 2023. That is what is holding them. We are not doing any budget to nullify that decision. It is what will send them to their villages.

The Governor expressed his commitment to the people of Rivers State, promising to prioritize their needs and ensure good governance.

He also thanked the people of Etche and Omuma for their support, stating that his administration recognizes all ethnic groups and is working for the betterment of Rivers State.

Fubara also announced that his administration has started preparing the 2025 budget, which will focus on education, healthcare, and agriculture.

“For me, as I am talking to you, I have started preparing my budget for 2025, which I am going to present very soon. And, in that budget, my key areas will be education, healthcare and agriculture.”

He added, “Our children need to go to quality schools. Even if they can’t go to private schools, let them go to the public ones that have standard. We need to go to good health facilities owned by government and get standard healthcare services.

“Even if we cannot afford those private hospitals, when you go to the public ones, you can get the same services with qualified professionals. That is our thinking.

“And when we get to the issue of agriculture, it will address the issue of unemployment. When we start engaging our youths, they wouldn’t have time to be involved in crime. So, our thinking is to secure and protect our State,” he added.

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