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I Really Miss You – Empress Njamah’s Estranged Fiancé Says As He Releases Her N#de Videos

George “Baby Brother” Wade, the estranged fiance of Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has stated that he misses her.

He created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and began posting n#ked videos he took of the actress in her house, including innocent videos of her taking her bath.

He released another video of him driving in a foreign country then addressed Empress.

He told Empress that she should stop telling people that he cannot leave Nigeria because that’s a lie and he has left already.

He then added that he misses her so much.

 He said: “I swear to God I just miss you. Seriously, I do miss you. To be real, I really miss you. No joke about it, trust me, I really miss you. But please,  stop telling people that I can’t travel.”

 Recall that George “Baby Brother” Wade had threatened Empress after she called off their engagement and went into hiding.

“I swear to God, you don’t know what’s coming”
George had threatened in the video.

Watch the latest video below;