I Think Chelsea’s Troubles Have Come Because The Owners Have No Affection For The Club – According to Ruud Gullit

Due to their recent losses, Chelsea has not been playing at its best this season. Ruud Gullit now believes that the club’s problems are the result of the owners’ lack of enthusiasm for the organization.

Ruud Gullit made this statement via The Gambling Zone this morning, Saturday, December 9, 2023, and he seemed sincere in what he said.

In his (Ruud Gullit) full words he said; “I think a lot of Chelsea’s troubles have come because the current owners have no affection for the club.”

Chelsea lost to Man Utd 2-1 last Wednesday at Old Trafford, and it was the first time the club is losing to a top five team this season which has made Gullit to believe that most of the problems is because of the owners.