I understand that the only people who can recognize someone as a party member are the NNPP and its members. – NNPP Founder

Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, the founder of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), asserts that the party is rudely surprised by the Appeal Court’s ruling to remove Gov. Abba Yusuf, the party’s governor of Kano.

Aniebonam said that the party, not the court, ought to be in control of selecting its members in response to the Appellate Court’s ruling on Friday declaring Yusuf’s election victory illegal.

According to Daily Post, The ruling of the Abuja appellate court against NNPP governor Abba Yusuf was shocking to me once more. I am aware that the NNPP and its members are the only ones who can identify a person as a party member.

“I also know that a party and its members can bring into the party, and grant such a person a waiver to go into the election and represent the party in an election.”