I Was Misquoted, I Never Said I Will Work With Tinubu – Bode George

Bode George, a former deputy national chairman for the south of the Peoples Democratic Party, has denied rumours that he promised to collaborate with President Bola Tinubu if the latter extended an invitation. When asked what he would do if President Tinubu called him for advice, George stated the media outlet that had published the report was not present at the press conference.

The PDP chieftain stated this while speaking in an interview on Arise Television on Monday. He said, “When they asked me, “What will you do if Tinubu invites you?” and I said precisely that if he (Tinubu) calls me I will pray for Nigeria. Listen, I’m not a flip-flopper by any profession. I retired as a General. What will he be calling me for? We don’t belong to the same party.

If all court cases are concluded, he will say Hello Chief, Good Morning, and I will reply Good Morning, Mr. President. The case is still pending. Even when Papa Olusi arrived and tried to get me to go see him (Tinubu) to offer my congratulations, I refused. What sort of calculations would they be making? I’ve already stated that I have no personal issues with this individual. We only differ in purely administrative ways, he remarked.

Long before Tinubu announced his bid for president, George was extremely critical of him, to the point where he threatened to leave Nigeria if Tinubu won. George recently declared that he would never congratulate Tinubu on winning the presidential election, stressing that he disagrees with Tinubu’s methodologies of governance.