I Won’t Participate In Awarding Contracts, And There Is No Funding Available.


In order to reach his goal, Mr. Nyesom Wike, the current minister of the FCT and a former governor of the state of River, has urged for project finance diversification. He denounced the scenario in which projects are shelved as a result of broken agreements between the contractor and the government. stating that only those who are willing and dependable to the arrangement of completing the projects will be awarded the projects.

In an interview, Mr. Nyesom Wike remarked that while his decision to award a contract will not be popular with everyone, all he cares about is outcomes. claiming that because there is no funding, he will not be a part of the group that awards contracts. declaring that he would rather award three contracts that will be completed within a few months than twenty contracts that won’t be completed.

Additionally, he will not protect their existing resources; rather, money will be issued together with a contract between the government and the contractor. A contract should be fulfilled if a deadline of six months is specified to end it, but anything longer should be avoided.