Ibrahim Abdullahi: If The Judges Had Annulled The Election And Ordered A Rerun, It Would Have Made Sense


Ibrahim Abdullahi, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, has asserted that, the tribunal judges should have nullified the 2023 presidential election and called for a fresh one.

Just a few days ago, the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal court rejected the petitions filed by opposition parties and their candidates, confirming President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory. Ibrahim Abdullahi, in an interview aired this morning on Arise TV, expressed the PDP’s surprise at the judges’ conclusion that, there were no irregularities in the presidential election.

He asserted during the interview that, “Numerous pieces of evidence were presented by both sides, in an effort to have the election overturned. It would have made a lot of sense for the judges to throw out the election and call for a new one. It comes as a surprise to us that, the judges have ruled that the election is legitimate in every sense. The shock has not yet worn off.”

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