If a Northerner, Yari, emerges as Senate President, we already have a southerner as Plan B- Source

According to a news that was published by the Leadership Newspaper online this morning, it was reported that a member-elect in the House of Representatives, who spoke to Leadership correspondent under the condition of anonymity, has said that, they ( House of Representatives members), have started making preparations, in case a Northerner emerges as the Senate President for the 10th Assembly.

While he was talking, he said that their outing at the APC headquarters yesterday, Tuesday, was very encouraging and they were more determined to drive home their point that Hon. Tajudeen Abbass, possesses the qualities to lead them.

He said they were not in shortage of people, so the opposition cannot take anything from them and they will definitely go to the South-South, where they have the likes of Professor Julius Ihonvbere, who is well respected by all members in the House and put him forward to balance the whole thing as a plan B.

He said, “If a Northerner, in person of Senator Yari, later emerges as Senate President, we already have a southerner as Plan B. Remember what we did it in 2015. Majority of us from the Northern region wanted Femi Gbajabiamila against Yakubu Dogara, but when Saraki emerged as the senate president, we had to change our game immediately, in the chambers so that two persons of the same ethnic group would not preside over the National Assembly. That was how Honorable Yakubu Dogara emerged by surprise.”

Further talking, he said, with the prospect of Senator Yari, causing an upset in the Senate, a plan B is already in the works to ensure a southerner emerges to replace the Hon. Tajudeen Abbas who hails from the North-West zone.