If Wike Resigns From PDP, It Is The Best For Him; Nobody Wants To Associate With Failure” -Modibo


In an interview with Arise News, Ibrahim Modibo, a member of the APC, reacted to rumors of Nyesom Wike resigning from the PDP. Modibo pointed out that if Wike decides to resign, it might be best for him as nobody wants to associate with failure. He acknowledged Wike’s progress in Rivers State and praised his contributions to the political development of the country.

Modibo also mentioned that Wike’s achievements in Rivers State align with President Tinubu’s renewed hope agenda, which focuses on infrastructural development. He expressed the opinion that the best party for Wike would be the APC rather than the PDP.

According to him, “As far as I’m concerned, up until yesterday, I’ve not heard that Nyesom Wike has resigned. He has been a bona fide member of the PDP, and if he did resign, it might be the best decision for him as a human being, considering that nobody wants to associate with failure. Wike has been progressive and made significant contributions to the political development of this country, particularly in the provision of social infrastructure and improving the lives of the common man. These efforts are synonymous with the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Therefore, it might be best for him to leave the PDP. We’ve seen what people have been able to accomplish in other parties.”