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If You Only Pay Your Tithe Without Giving Your Offering, You Are Not A Giver – David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries spoke to his members on ‘Becoming A Financial Wonder PART 2 ‘ at Becoming A Financial Wonder Service, Salvation Ministries – Home of Success, 21st May, 2023, Second Service.

According to him, you have to give quality offerings to God. An offering is anything that we give over and above our tithe. We are not generous givers in the eyes of God when we only pay our tithe.

He then revealed that if you only pay your tithe without giving your offering, you are not a giver – The tithe is simply an evidence of honesty and faithfulness. Tithing is the act of giving to God what He has given you, so giving starts with your offering. Start sowing from what you have now, always sow proportionate to what you desire

He then said that anytime you sow expect to reap. I never knew this part of the Scripture, so I used to give without expectation. I was taught giving but I was not taught receiving. It did not take too long before I knew that every time that I give, I should also receive – It is not unscriptural! Let nobody teach you that kind of thing, when you give, expect something in return.

Finally he said, “So let me break it down for religious people, in John 3:16 when He gave His Son, was He expecting something? He expected you and I to be born again! So drop your religion, it’s not wrong to expect something when you give. Because if you just give without expectations, there will be no true harvest. I was not teaching it before but when I caught the revelation, I began to teach it. ‘When you give, expect to receive’.”