If You Read This You Will Stop The Habit Of Eating You Nails

Hand herpes

Well, that is not what it’s referred to as, however that is the plan. the particular condition is termed “herpetic felon.” If you’ve got oral herpes—and roughly four-hundredth of adults do—you will infect your fingers with the virus. that would end in fever, however typically the primary symptoms area unit painful burning and tingling in your infected fingertips. once per week or 2, you may conjointly develop liquid- or bloody sores that may loiter around (along with the pain) for one more fortnight.

Facial warts

Pick at a wart, and its contagious material will dig or beneath your nails. bit your face or mouth with those contaminated nails, and you may find yourself with warts on your face or neck.

Ingrown nails

Your fingernails contain a generative layer referred to as the “matrix,” that is kind of just like the bed from that all of your nail cells flower, economic expert explains. Biting or biting-related infections will harm that matrix, that may lead to chronic ingrowing nails or nail deformities.

Tooth issues

The sockets that hold the roots of your teeth is unshapely or destroyed by chronic cliff-hanging, inflicting your teeth to become crooked. cliff-hanging may cause fractures within the teeth you utilize to try to to the nibbling, and might trigger the gum malady periodontal disease, per another AJODO study. (Teeth area unit pretty low maintenance, however here area unit the seven belongings you have to be compelled to comprehend your teeth as you age.)


While exposing your fingers to the microorganism in your mouth is dangerous news, giving all the nasty microorganisms on your fingers access to your mouth is maybe worse. “Our hands get contact with every kind of junk and pathogens, and stuff tends to induce stuck beneath our nails,” economic expert says. place those germ-encrusted nails in your mouth, and there is no limit to the dangerous stuff that would result—from common colds to a significant abdomen virus.


Your saliva’s chemical composition permits it to interrupt down fats and alternative food molecules, economic expert says. whereas that aids your digestion, it may harm and inflame the skin of your fingertips if you are perpetually ECM them in your mouth, he says. For identical reason, licking your lips will cause them to become chapped; your secretion is really corrosion the skin.