I’ll never stop supporting Peter Obi to be President of Nigeria – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu, a rights activist, has made a firm commitment to continue backing Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) candidate, in his pursuit of the presidency.

Yesufu clarified that her support for Obi extends to his aspiration to become Nigeria’s president, rather than she advocating for his appointment as an Imam at a mosque.

She emphasized that Obi is the ideal candidate to lead Nigeria in a fight against those who aim to hinder the progress and development of the country.

Posting on X, Yesufu wrote: “Your own’ in politics is not one you share same religion, tribe or gender with. ‘Your own’ is one who can give you good governance.

“You see Mr Peter Obi @PeterObi, I will NEVER support him to be Imam of a mosque, but as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he has my 100% support even if I end up being his only supporter.

“If he wants to run a thousand times, I will support him a thousand times. I will put in the work a thousand times and more. For in him is the person I see that is willing to put in the donkey work necessary to wrestle Nigeria from the jaws of those who have held it down.

“My focus is on my effort. I have no business quitting because the win was stolen. I am focused on how to ensure that the win is not stolen next time. Giving up is never an option. We die here.”