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I’m Still Single And Searching – 70-Year-Old Virgin Cries [Video]

An elderly woman has lamented being single and still searching because she rejected many men in the name of sacrificing her life to give her siblings a good education before getting married.
I’m still single and searching – 70-year-old virgin who sacrificed her life for siblings

The Congolese woman identified as Alphonsine Tawara disclosed this in an interview with AfriMax.

She explained that she was the only one who was taking care of her siblings, so she wanted them to graduate and have a better life before deciding to settle down with any man.

“The reason I am still single is that I haven’t found the right man for me. But when I was still a young girl, several men were chasing after me. I dated several, but I refused to get married before my siblings graduated because I was the one who was taking care of them. Men would approach me for marriage and I would tell them no because I wanted to educate my siblings first, then marry later,” she said.

Unfortunately, age has caught up with her, and now that she is ready to marry, men are not coming her way.

“If I get a husband, I would get married. I’m ready to be a wife and move in together with my husband,” Alphonsine said.

Although she has no child of her own, Alphonsine, who was a teacher and taught mostly in Catholic mission schools sees the pupils she has taught as her children.

“I have no biological child, but I am a mother of many – the children I have taught,” she said.

In an earlier report, a 56-year-old woman with a disability, identified as Alvera Uwitonze turned down many men when she was young, but now men are asking her to pay them before they can have a relationship with her.

Her fear at the time was that the men were just interested in taking advantage of her situation to use and dump her.

She feared that with her condition, if she got pregnant and the man responsible ran away or denied responsibility, she would suffer alone with the pregnancy and have to cater for the child single-handedly.

Now that she is interested in men, they keep telling her that her time has passed and that they want younger and able-bodied women to marry.

“They used to come here and ask if they could marry me, and I refused them all. I was afraid a man would come and get me pregnant, then leave me and the child for someone else,” Alvera recounted in an interview with Afrimax TV.

The elderly spinster, who said she had never had a man, expressed regret for not giving them a chance when they were chasing after her.