In 2016, I was chosen by an oracle to become a king in Igbesa but my dad did not accept- Oba Raji

The Oniba of Iba in Lagos State, Oba Sulaimon Raji, reportedly described how his father opposed when he was picked to become a king by an oracle in a conversation with a Punch journalist, according to news that was carried by the Punch Newspaper online this morning.

When questioned about the kind of family he was born into during the interview, he said, “I come from a lineage of royal origin, with my ancestors reaching to the royal dynasty in Iba. In addition, I am related to another aristocratic family in Igbesa, Ogun State, via my maternal heritage. It is clear that both of my parents are from regal families, and because of my mother’s royal heritage, my own offspring may one day rule as kings. My paternal grandmother was also a member of a royal family and was from Ogun State, further highlighting the distinguished history of my family.

Despite our ties to the royal family, my family has had financial difficulties. We are a big family with many different branches, including the Busari, Ikete, Ashade, and Idowu Balogun lineages, among others. I specifically come from the Ashade family, which has a sizable number of members.

In response to the question of whether his parents had ever informed him he would become king, he said, “In 2016, I was picked by an oracle to become a king in Igbesa, but my dad did not accept. I was selected by an oracle to rule Igbesa, Ogun State, that year. My father and a late king (Oba Oseni, may he rest in peace) could not come to an agreement.

They asked me what I was going to do in Igbesa and told me not to go there, he said. I was told to concentrate on my work. I had no idea that I would one day rule as king of Iba. Although I never anticipated it, I have been referred to as Adesina by others.