In court today, INEC stood up and objected to the true certified copy of their results- Kenneth

Update on the electoral tribunal hearing against INEC and its announcement of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the winner of the presidential election was revealed in a tweet by Kenneth Okonkwo this afternoon.

Kenneth Okonkwo wrote on Twitter, “6TH JUNE, 2023. To further our Petition, we have returned to the Court of Appeal (COA) for the Presidential Election.

According to him, it is safe to claim that Professor Yakubu Mahmood has presided over the worst electoral commission in human history at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

To quote one of his tweets: “How can INEC stand up in court to say, ‘Mi Lord, I object to the tendering of INEC’S certified true copies of the election results.'”

Kenneth Okonkwo continued by saying that the institution is embarrassing the country internationally and that he had never heard of a case before where an organisation that, by law, should be neutral on all grounds objected shamelessly to its own documents just to appease some sectors in the country.

As he expressed it, “Well, God is in control, and we put our trust in Him.”