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In Less Than A Year, Tinubu Has Far Outperformed The Eight Wasteful Years Of Buhari – Omokri On Tinubu’s Birthday

POPULAR Table Shaker, Reno Omokri has praised President Bola Tinubu for his statesmanship, patriotic zeal and his political will in taking tough decisions.

His message was at the occasion of the 72nd birthday of the President on Friday, March 29, 2024.

Omokri tacitly attacked former President Mohammadu Buhari describing his two tenures of eight years as wasteful. compared to less than one year outstanding performance of Tinubu’s.

“On my fiftieth birthday, President Bola Tinubu acknowledged me, previously one of his most vocal critics, and wished me a happy birthday. Asiwaju won my respect and admiration for his ability to forgive and the equanimity with which he takes life.

He has demonstrated that he is a true leader of men who can rise above his feelings and be led by his principles.
Therefore, on his 72nd birthday, I wish the President a happy birthday and pray for his success as the leader of our great nation. In less than a year in office, President Tinubu has far outperformed the eight wasteful years of General Buhari.

Our currency is floated, and fuel subsidy is gone.

These courageous decisions are now yielding results in our balance of trade. Fuel imports are down 53%. Local refining is up 8% and rising fast. Our GDP has grown by 3.4% under him, and we now have a trade surplus.

The benefits of these reforms are also gradually trickling down to the masses in the form of reduced prices for everyday items, like cement, indomie noodles, rice and sundry other staples used by the common person.

I will not be emotional, sentimental, partial, primordial, or parochial. Despite the fact that our political leanings are different, I will be factual. Bola Tinubu is doing well. And if he continues on this path, he (not the APC) will continue to enjoy my support.

May God bless the President with good health and a sound mind filled with wisdom to steer our ship of state right. Asiwaju, God has blessed you, and no man can curse you.
Happy birthday once again, sir!