In order to strengthen democracy, I am in favor of coalition government – Bwala

PDP member Daniel Bwala emphasized that in order for opposition parties to challenge the ruling APC in the 2018 election, they must form a coalition. He claimed that President Tinubu is actively working to obstruct the formation of this kind of alliance.

Bwala discussed the possible alliance of the Labour Party, PDP, and NNPP against the APC in an interview with TVC. He emphasized that a similar coordinated effort is needed now, just as opposition parties banded together to establish the APC, which led to the PDP’s overthrow in 2015.

During an interview with TVC, Daniel Bwala claimed that, “One thing about coalition is you need to look at how APC tried to defeat PDP when they were in their separate parties and they failed, they had to join a coalition to defeat PDP. It is the circumstance that is repeating itself presently.”

Speaking Further he added that, “It will take a coalition to unseat Tinubu but he is not sleeping because he is stifling those parties so that they will not be coordinated enough to come under a coalition.”

He continued, “I am in support of coalition so we can strengthen democracy but it will take a coalition to be able to defeat Tinubu especially because you are seeing at the moment some of the people in PDP who are considered leaders of the party already working for him.”