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Inspiring and Success Story of Regina Daniels

Remember we are still on inspiration and in this post I am going to talk about the fast rising teenage Nollywood actress popularly known as regina daniels and how she became a celebrity at a very tender age. The essence of this page is to inspire and motivate people to take up responsibility of their lives and stop depending on other people or government for solution to their financial needs.

I really want to talk more about our young Nigerian celebrities and Entrepreneurs both home and abroad who are making money on a daily basis and living their dream lifestyle. In this post I will be talking about Nollywood child actress regina daniels . So scroll down and let’s roll……

Very beautiful, charming, resourceful and highly talented. Many Nigerian graduates are dying in abject poverty because of high rate of unemployment while this little girl popularly known as regina daniels , a common and an ordinary secondary school student who is 14 years old. she is eating money and living her dream life, regina daniels has became even more popular as you might be imagining. That is what entrepreneurship, investing on your mind and nurturing and exposing of talent can do for you.

Many people have being deceived that making money is when you have attend the highest level of education, only then will you acquire great wealth, this is a capital lie. In my previous post I talks about Ozzy Bosco and Amarachi Uyanne how they are making waves in the entertainment industry and making cool money day by day.

It will interest you to know that Ozzy Bosco is just 7 years old while Amarachi Uyanne is just 11 years old, what of regina daniels who is just 14 years old and at this young age she has discovered her purpose in life. The most amazing thing out there is that this kids are worth more than $250,000 and have such amount of money personally in their bank account, an amount that most of our sole called graduates and professors who have attained the greatest form of education cannot even boast or talk less of touching it, but yet we continue deceiving ourselves that education is everything, most especially an avenue to attain financial freedom and success in life.

Now lets focus on this beautiful girl you see in this picture, her name is regina daniels, a 14 years young Nollywwod actress who is still a secondary school student. She is from Asaba, Delta State. She join the movie industry few years ago after starring in a movie titled ‘Miracle Child’, after acting in the movie she rose to limelight and since then has never looked back in her career. She has acted in so many movies which to me are really amazing.

She was nominated by City Peoples Magazine as the best prominent actress in Nigeria in 2015, regina daniels is indeed as inspiration for children all over the world and her level of success in her chosen career has really challenged other kids to take responsibility of their financial well being and become really successful in life.

It will also interest you to know that regina daniels is just a 14 years old girl who charges nothing less than #400,000 ($2000) per movie that will not take more than three weeks to be completed.

Honestly this is financial freedom. Some of our top managers in the banks and corporate firms cannot even earn such amount in a month, but this little girl is earning #400,000 ($2000) from movies within three weeks.

As you can see regina daniels is a very brilliant actress coming up and if you keep training her and giving her more major roles, by the time she matures into a lady she will beat the records of top Nollywood divas like Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo, mercy johnson, Chika Ike, Omotala Jolade, Stella Damasus, Angela Okorie, Chacha Eke and host of others.

She has proven to the world that making money is not all about age, education and size. She is still in her junior class in the secondary school, but she has already secured her future. Many of our Nigerian graduates are still queuing up anywhere they hear job vacancy. Why can’t you just hide your certificate and use your talent to make money and build a future for yourself? regina daniels is really beautiful and gifted, she has nurtured her talent through hard work and right now she is eating and enjoying the fruit of her hard labor.

She now flex and associate with top Nollywood celebrity like Chika Ike, Angela Okorie, Chacha Eke, Ini Edo, mercy johnson, Tonto Dike and a host of other top Nollywood celebrities.

Most of you have talents but many are afraid of showcasing it, some are suffering from inferiority complex, while others are procrastinating. So I ask how do you overcome inferiority complex? You have to believe in yourself, if you can’t believe in yourself then nobody will believe in you, if regina daniels can do it why can’t you do it.

All you need to do is to give it a try, act in front of your mirror, always watch your acting skill and see how it improves. I tell you with all sincerity you will achieve success, they is money in the entertainment industry especially in Nollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood.

As you all know, Nollywood is now topping 3rd in the global world after Hollywood of United States and Bollywood of India. That is to say, Nollywood is now generating more than $250 million dollars revenue every month for Nigeria, thereby becoming Nigeria Major source of revenue and economic development, as it is now employing more than 3 million Nigerians and still counting.

So if you are good in acting, if you got talents, don’t waste your talents sitting at home and doing nothing, follow the footstep of regina daniels, she is very young but because of her determination she was able to overcome inferiority complex, you too can do it.

There is no job in Nigeria or any part of the world that can give you financial freedom. The only thing that can give you financial freedom is investing in your mind. How many motivational and inspirational books have you read? How many motivation video have you watched? how many motivational audio have you listened to? How many inspirational blog have you read?Just believe in yourself, take a bold step and show the world the stuff you are made up of.

It is never too late, if you really want to become an actor or an actress, you can stay updated with latest audition notice, first start by joining a guild and start training with them, by so doing you are building a network and nurturing your acting skill. Acting is a good lucrative business that will give you financial freedom. Acting is a hidden talent many people are still hiding and feeling shy to expose, if regina daniels can do it, why won’t you!! Why not expose the hidden talent in you for the world to see. You can do it, never look down on yourself, never underestimate your potentials, believe you have the power to control your destiny, no man or woman can change your destiny except you and your God.

The only problem that people normally have is that there fail to plan and who ever that fail to plan is planning to fail. Planning is the most crucial aspect life and any person that wants to be successful understands the importance of good planning. Write down your set goals and ambition in life, dream big dreams and write them down, visualize it and work towards it. If you want to become successful tomorrow the planning starts now.

I hope Regina Daniel story has inspired you a lot, so take the bold step and start from somewhere, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day; you need to start from somewhere. This is the time, don’t procrastinate. Start now and see your life changing in the next five years.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial freedom. You have to believe in yourself, if you don’t nobody will do, the great weapon to defeat obstacles is believing in yourself, if you trust your decision and aspiration in life, then go for it and achieve your dreams.

Inferiority complex has being the major problem in us, we fear rejection and failure. But you have to fail today and succeed tomorrow, every successful people in the world failed in their businesses and career in life, but due to persistence and determination they were able to recover from their mistake and achieve their success.

You are the light of the world, the engine that will keep the world going and bring change to the world. Don’t limit yourself, don’t bring down yourself or look down on your potentials, act with modesty, be brave, think smart, make good friends, put all your mind in what you do and read motivational books consistently. Never allow your past predicament to hunt you, forget about the past and focus on the present and the future, you are a champion and it is only you that can notice and recognize your worth. If regina daniels can achieve great success at her tender age then it means success is not measured by our age or academic qualification, success is measured by our maturity and financial knowledge.

Dream big and plan to achieve your dreams, it takes a journey of a million miles one step to begin, so take one step at a time, take that bold step that will make you actualize your dreams. Don’t cluster yourself with bad company, move away from your bad friends and relate with people with positive mind that will change your life for good.

This girl called regina daniels wasn’t born differently and to become a star or become famous, she nurtured and developed her talent by herself, she advertised her talent and allowed positive mindset of people influence on your life and used her to inspire the world. You can do better than her if you believe in yourself. You need to challenge yourself and tell yourself that enough is enough; this is the time for you to fight poverty. With money you can have respect and personality in the society, they are no way people will give you the respect you duly deserve unless you are wealthy.
Look at Bill Gate, Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga and host of others and see the kind of personality they have. People even tend to respect them more than a President of a country because there control the economy. Even Presidents of countries look up to them and beg them for financial assistance especially when ever their country is facing economic challenges and hardship.

These men were once poor, but today they are controlling the economy worldwide. I therefore challenge you to become the light of the world, become an inspiration to the unborn generation, create something new and improve on people’s life. You are a star, God created you specially, you have a talent in you, all you need is to develop and expose it to the world to see. Don’t always put your hope on government or your fellow neighbor because they can never help you. The government are just liars whose campaign messages are meaningless but just to attract your votes. Put your hope in God and trust your ability.

Become independent and live a free life, you have to change your old self. Change is a constant thing in life and you need to continuously adapt to change, just as technology changes that is how human beings are bound to change. To achieve success you need to believe in yourself and if you don’t nobody will believe in you. These words are solemnly from my heart and I wish you will accept my advice and live your life freely from problems and challenges.

I hope regina daniels story has inspired you a lot, so take the bold step and start from somewhere, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day; you need to start from somewhere. This is the time, don’t procrastinate. Start now and see your life changing in the next five years.

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Patience, dedication, passion, hard work and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.