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“Jigan don later pass his boundary, how you take grab that big thing”- Tension erupts on movie set as Jaiye Monje fights Jigan for grabbing her buttocks during a shoot (Video)

A video is making the rounds on social media that shows the moment tension erupts on a movie set between actress Jaiye Monje and Jigan Babaoja.

During a shoot on a movie set, Jaiye Monje and Jigan Babaoja together with some set of people were seen engaging in a cultural dance.

As the dancing continued, Jigan made physical contact with Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti by grabbing her buttocks.

The incident resulted in a confrontation as Jaiye Monye responded by landing a slap on Jigan Babaoja.

This did not go down well with Jigan Babaoja who reacted by grabbing the actress’s cloth and Jaiye shows that she is physically fit by putting the actor on the ground in a swift manner.

However, the fight between Jaiye Monje and Jigan Babaoja created chaos in the movie set environment as people present found it so hard to separate them as they refused to let go of each other.

The video generated mixed reactions among onlookers, while some believed Jigan was unfairly targeted due to his physical condition, others criticized his actions as inappropriate during rehearsals for the shoot’s dance sequence..

Watch the video below;