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Joshua Iginla Reveals The Top 5 Costly Mistakes People Make In Destiny.

Through a recent Facebook post, Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder and senior pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly, delivered a message with the general public on five costly mistakes people make in destiny. As follows:

1. Incorrect Association

He said that while it is acceptable to love everyone, it is wrong to socialize with everyone since not everyone is destined to follow your path. Your assimilation and acceleration are determined by your association. What follows you in destiny depends on your company.

2. Mismarriage

He claimed that your destiny will be made or broken by your marriage. Examine your future before getting married. If you choose the incorrect partner to marry, you will experience lifelong suffering and have your destiny cut short. Who marries right matters more in the equation of marriage than who marries first. You will miss your destiny if you mismarry.

Using Occultic Circles as a Resource-

The mindset of seeking out evil ways to succeed is disastrous for destiny. Some people seek the malevolent abilities of witch doctors in an effort to get wealthy, but in doing so, they entirely sabotage their destiny. We belong to a generation of lazy people who do not value hard work as a means of achieving one’s goals.

4. Securing Poor Character –

He asserted that your destiny is at danger if you magnify and encourage bad behavior. Character has the power to start or end a destiny’s chapters. Bad character solidification is an expensive error that undermines your chance for the future. Virtue is the flavor of fate.

5. Holding On To The Spirit Of Unforgiveness – Forgiveness is not a sign of stupidity or fright; it is a sign that you are smarter. The key to a long life that will enable you to achieve your destiny is to forgive those who have wronged you. Bitterness will govern your life when unforgiveness dampens it.

Finally, he prayed, “I prophesy you shall not be a victim of the costly errors that destroy big destinies, speaking by the dynamic voice of God as a prophet over your life. mighty Jesus name.