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JUST IN: A shop owner became emotional when a customer paid for goods using a bundle of paper instead of real currency

A Nigerian lady was captured in a heartbreaking video kneeling and swearing after a customer purchased items from her with counterfeit bills. Shared on TikTok by @orlamy5, the footage depicts the young lady kneeling on a stone, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably.

She recounted how a customer visited her shop, bought goods, and paid with counterfeit currency. Distressingly, she only realized the deceit after the customer had departed.

Onlookers gathered around, filming the distraught woman as she held the fake bills in her hands, visibly devastated by the deception.

The video prompted reactions from netizens who shared similar experiences:

Everything Online commented: “She knelt down on top of the stone, swearing… trouble awaits that person, oh dear, what a predicament.”

@prince-sky shared: “It happened to me when I bought a phone for 89k, and by the time I reached home, the phone had transformed into fufu.”

@adeneyeayomide421 recalled: “It might actually be true because it has happened to me before, 25k in 500 naira notes turned into 10 naira pieces.”

@sunnysideshaun speculated: “It’s possible it’s a form of magic… my mom always told me about it since I was a child.”

Nimah affirmed: “This thing truly happens; it’s easy to forget that she may be telling the truth. It has happened to my friend before, and to a little girl who was sent to the market.”

@jessy Joy expressed: “God will punish the person that did this.”

Stephanie shared: “This happened to me when I was doing purchases for someone, but it was 50k. I cried my eyes out; since then, I haven’t done it again; mine turned into 10 naira.”

You can watch the video below:


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