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JUST IN: All I have ever gotten is based on competence and not favour – IGP refutes favouritism allegations

The current Inspector General of Police (IGP) for the Ghana Police Service, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, has refuted assertions that he received preferential treatment in his ascent to the highest position within the police force.

He clarified that his career progression and the various positions he has held in the police service were solely attributable to his unwavering commitment to the police force and his academic qualifications.

During his appearance before a seven-member committee, IGP Dampare emphasised that his swift advancement through the ranks was not a result of his affiliations with influential individuals or power-brokers.

“In terms of my ranking in the police service, it has been purely based on my competencies, academic qualifications and hard work because of the passion I have for the work. I have not, at any point in time, been called aside by any individual and granted any favour that I do not deserve,” he said

Explaining further, IGP Dampare said that he had held a number of different positions in the police service, which had given him an added advantage before becoming the IGP.

“In terms of positions I have held, I have been virtually across every command within the service, and at a point, because of my commitment to work, I was handling multiple schedules at the national headquarters.

“This is because if you give me a work, you just have to consider it done because that is how I get things done and I work around teams to get them done on the basis of Genesis 1:26,” he added.