JUST IN: DJ Switch comes under fire as she brags about roasting Wole Soyinka at a recent event

Nigerian disc jockey, Obianuju Catherine Udeh better known as DJ Switch, has bragged about roasting renowned Nigerian novelist and playwright, Wole Soyinka.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter now known as X, DJ Switch noted how unlike Wole Soyinka’a counterparts, he has chosen to be completely separated from his works.

According to her, he chose to display his bigotry and myopic thinking these past few months, hence, why she didn’t hesitate to roast him at a panel discussion.

She recounted how at the event, they all got talking about African writers, and of course, Nigeria’s contribution, and when given the floor to air her thoughts, she didn’t hesitate to roast him.

“Was a panelist at an event over the weekend and just before the event started, we all got talking about African writers and of course Nigeria’s contribution.

“Someone brought up Wole Soyinka (whose works are quite exceptional if I might add)… and I was given the floor.

Brethren… I would like to let you people know that I did not let one bullet go astray! Wole Soyinka unlike many of his counterparts chose to be completely separate from his works and also chose to display his bigotry and myopic thinking these past few months. It was my esteemed pleasure to roast the uncle while maintaining decorum and extolling other Nigerian writers!”.

This is coming after Wole Soyinka took a swipe at Peter Obi over his loss in the Presidential election.

While speaking at an event in Stellenbosch, South Africa, he stated that the leadership of the Labour Party (LP) knew that Peter Obi lost the February 25 election, but they wanted to do what Yoruba calls ‘Gabjue’, meaning the force of lies.

Her comment has stirred reactions from netizens with many faulting her for disrespecting the Nobel laureate.

One Damilola Ogunsi wrote, “I can’t believe I just read this. Wow!!! When did we become a generation that has lost moral restraint and can openly abuse and insult elders? So, if someone doesn’t share your sentiments, he becomes myopic? Wow

One Oluwa De Shocker wrote, “Wole Soyinka would be celebrated for centuries. A decade from now. Nobody go remember you

One Thompson Taiwo wrote, “How does this stop him from being Wole Soyinka? Lol

One Adekunle Arazade wrote, “Imagine what’s coming out from this ipob lowlife DJ switch, it’s your father and mother that deserve that your remark not our own professor.

One Word Of Reason wrote, “Roast him all you like it can’t erase his achievements and the fact that being a Nobel laureate makes him one of the most recognized talents Nigeria has ever produced. You all have this bandwagon mentality that everyone must like who you like.

One Shola Naira wrote, “We don’t listen to someone in exile. Just stay where you are. The UK is not taking asylum from queers.