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JUST IN: IGP calls fight against armed robbery a plus

Ghana, a country many call a beacon of democracy and a colossus of peace bears troubling marks without international face.

Incidental to periodic spells of insecurity in Ghana is the spate of armed robberies, the majority of cases ending on a fatal note. Beyond this are ritual murders that pad into the long list of felonies that attract capital punishment.

Thus, even though Ghana looks peaceful to the world outside her borders, there are insects within the territory that gnaw at her in the form of unexplained killings.

The Police Inspector General, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare said his men are posited to neutralize the killing fields. He said that had ensured that criminals were on a hard run with their tails in between their legs. In some instances, the police hang on scant information and little or no trails on incidents yet were able to nab suspects.

He said, the improvement with regard to declining cases of especially armed robbery is not a happenstance but the result of a careful strategy.

Part of the defence mounted by the Head of Police in Ghana on accusations he is the worst in the history of the police service.

This is a sidebar to the leaked tape saga in which some police officers were allegedly caught on tape plotting his removal, and when hauled before the committee in parliament investigating the matter, they accused him as such, hence his pushback.