JUST IN: “Just say you earn more than your husband” Peggy Ovire knocks Kiekie over her idea of splitting bills with husband


Nollywood actress, Peggy Ovire has knocked skitmaker, Kiekie following her revelation of splitting bills with her husband.

In an interview, Kiekie had advised women to support their men financially by splitting the bills with them.

Using herself as an example, Kiekie revealed that she split the bills with her husband as it makes her feel more comfortable.

Reacting to it, Peggy knocked her as she told Kiekie to admit that she earns more than her husband.


Peggy avowed that it’s her husband’s responsibility to pay the bills especially since he can afford it. For her, her duty is to take care of the home and be there for emergency cases as her husband wouldn’t allow her split bills with him.

“Just say you earn more than your husband Kiekie, them bill shaming is a Must. It is my husband’s responsibility to pay the bills especially since he can afford it, mine is to take care of the home & be there for Emergency cases. My man won’t even let me pay jack”.

Similarly, veteran actress, Uche Ebere had slammed Kiekie questioning why she would be married and thinking about divorce while advising her to build her home on positivity.

Actress Chizzy Alichi also said she refused to be part of the women who split bills with their husbands, adding that it was all on her husband to cater for the household.

In other news, Peggy Ovire had applauded Chacha Eke’s husband, Austin Faani, as he opened up on living with a mentally ill partner.

Austin recounted a heartbreaking incident when Chacha Eke broke the mirror in the House because she felt people were creeping out of it.

He noted how he sacrificed goats in a bid to save his wife, which were all fruitless, and did more.

Reacting to the touching story, Peggy Ovire praised him for being the true definition of a ‘Soulmate’.