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JUST IN: No Court Or Tribunal Will Release Its Judgment In a Word Document Format.

Spot on! No court or tribunal will release its judgment in a word document format. Absolutely impossible! The reason is simple: first, the judge or judges affix their signatures right after delivery, or sometimes, even b4 delivery. The delivered judgment is then scanned in pdf and certified b4 release.

2. If, as claimed by Tinubu’s team, that the version they collected from the registry didn’t have the header, and it was they who inserted it b4 their internal distribution, then the question becomes how was the header inserted? You can only do so by using a typewriter, or typing it onto the scanned copy you were given in pdf format, if you use a computer. In either case, the font will be different from the original pdf format you obtained from the registry.

3. A close examination of the header shows that the font used is entirely consistent with the font used in the entire judgment. That just means the same computer and printer typed and printed the judgment and header.

4. And which insane person will receive a document and afterwards insert a header on all 900 + pages, page-by-page? And in the process, achieve perfect symmetry in terms of the exact location of the header on every single page?

5. How come public downloads of the judgment from other sources not associated with Tinubu’s legal team carry the same header?

6. My conclusion – the judgment was likely written by Tinubu’s legal team for the tribunal. And by some fortuitous oversight, everyone overlooked the header until the judgment went viral.