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In a proactive move to tackle the escalating cost of food commodities in Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has directed the release of 102,000 tonnes of grains, including rice, maize, and millet.

This directive, orchestrated through the Special Presidential Committee on Emergency Food Intervention led by Chief of Staff Femi Gbajabiamila, aims to alleviate the burden on households grappling with rising food prices.

According to NTA News, Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Barau I. Jibrin, lauded President Tinubu’s decision, acknowledging its potential to mitigate the adverse effects of the prevailing economic challenges.

In a statement, Senator Barau emphasized the significance of collective support for the federal government’s efforts in addressing the nation’s pressing issues. He urged states and local governments to emulate the federal government’s initiative by promptly releasing grains to assist those in need across the country.

“At this trying period, we should all support the federal government to address the challenges our country is currently facing. As we all know, the rising cost of food is a global phenomenon and our country is not unaffected by it,” Senator Barau remarked.

He further pledged his commitment to the cause by announcing his intent to distribute rice to 200,000 households in the upcoming days. Senator Barau’s proactive measure underscores the importance of individual contributions towards alleviating the burdens faced by vulnerable segments of society.

“As part of my contributions to address the challenge, I will be distributing rice to 200,000 households. It is imperative that we extend a helping hand to those in need during these testing times,” he affirmed.