JUST IN: Panic In Kano As Armed Men Are Sighted At Emir’s Palace

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Residents of Rano town in Kano State have raised concerns over the presence of armed hoodlums at the Emirate’s headquarters since Sunday.

In a letter to the state Police Commissioner, it was revealed that these hoodlums have been stationed at the Emir’s palace by unknown individuals.

The letter highlighted that the intentions of the armed youths are unclear, but their presence is seen as a threat to the security of lives and property in the area.

The letter read in part, “On the evening of Sunday, July 7, 2024, Rano town, the headquarters of our beloved Rano emirate, was invaded by armed hoodlums, believed to be sponsored by unidentified persons, who have been camped at the Emir’s palaces (both the Main Palace and historic Tsohon Gari Palace).

Although the motives of these armed individuals remain unknown, their intrusion is considered a threat to the security of lives and property and a violation of the Commissioner of Police’s ban on June 20, 2024, which directed all non-state security actors, including vigilantes and hunters, to cease providing security services in the state.

The letter emphasized that Rano emirate residents are peaceful people known for conducting their business without causing trouble. It noted, “Over the years, the Rano emirate has experienced uninterrupted peace, and security agencies can testify to this.”

However, the recent emirates tussle in Kano State has caused significant tension and dissatisfaction among residents, who feel their opinions as stakeholders were disregarded. The letter stated, “Public hearings were not conducted throughout the State to determine whether there was a need to dissolve the four additional emirates (Rano, Gaya, Karaye, and Bichi) upgraded by the administration of Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje.”

Despite this, the residents of Rano emirate have managed to control their emotions and acted within the law, engaging only in legitimate peaceful demonstrations. They have shown restraint, believing in the judiciary since the Emirates case is before a competent court of justice. The letter concluded, “The good people of Rano emirate have opted to respect the court’s order issued by the Federal High Court Kano on the case, which we believe is a constitutional duty of all citizens.”

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