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JUST IN: Reactions as Nigerian Police distribute water and snacks to NLC protesters in Lagos (Video)

In response to escalating economic hardships in Nigeria, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) orchestrated a peaceful protest on Tuesday in Lagos, drawing attention to the plight of the populace. Members of the NLC congregated in Ikeja, Lagos State, where they embarked on a determined march through the bustling streets, their voices amplified by chants and banners, in a bid to highlight the pressing issues at hand.

The catalyst for this demonstration was the expiration of a 14-day ultimatum issued by the NLC to the Federal Government, urging prompt and decisive action to alleviate the economic burdens weighing heavily on the citizens. Central to their demands was the palpable dissatisfaction over the government’s perceived failure to fulfill agreements brokered on October 2, 2023, particularly in the aftermath of the contentious decision to eliminate the fuel subsidy.

With grievances mounting and the urgency of their cause driving their resolve, protesters flooded the streets, expressing their frustrations over the prevailing economic adversity gripping the nation. The sentiment was palpable as chants reverberated through the air, resonating with the shared discontent of the demonstrators.

However, amidst the tension inherent in such protests, a heartening moment unfolded as policemen, stationed in a moving vehicle, were observed extending gestures of goodwill to the protesters. In an unexpected display of solidarity, the officers distributed biscuits and water to the demonstrators, fostering a brief yet poignant instance of camaraderie between law enforcement and the protesting masses. The act was met with supportive chants of “Up Nigeria Police,” underscoring a rare moment of unity amid the diverging currents of dissent. The video of this action was shared by Punch news this morning.

See how some Nigerians reacts to the video;