JUST IN: Sam Larry Clarifies His Dispute with Mohbad Stemmed from Unsettled N2 Million Debt

Nigerian socialite and entrepreneur, Balogun Olamilekan Eletu, popularly known as Sam Larry, has come forward to shed light on the circumstances surrounding his altercation with the late singer Mohbad, revealing that it was rooted in a disputed sum of N2 million.

The incident, which sparked controversy and garnered significant attention on social media, unfolded when a video surfaced showing Sam Larry and a group of individuals confronting the late musician Mohbad.

In the video, Mohbad, accompanied by Zlatan, was on the set for a music video shoot when Sam Larry, reportedly an associate of Naira Marley, made an abrupt entrance with a group of individuals, seemingly targeting Mohbad, who hastily retreated in fear.

The video provoked outrage among Nigerians on social media platforms, leading to a barrage of criticism directed at Sam Larry for his alleged bullying and threats against the late singer.
Sam Larry Explains How N2m Led to His Dispute With Mohbad (News Central TV)

Sam Larry, however, took to Snapchat to provide his perspective on the matter. In his statement, which quickly gained widespread attention, he revealed that he had paid Mohbad a sum of N2 million to perform at his mother’s annual remembrance concert in Ikorodu.

According to Sam Larry, Mohbad failed to honour the agreement and did not participate in the event. When questioned about the no-show, Mohbad allegedly cited illness as the reason for his absence.

Frustrated by the situation, Sam Larry sought a refund of the N2 million from the musician. Mohbad claimed to have lost both his money and phone during a raid by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and expressed his financial difficulties, given his departure from Marlian Records.

Sam Larry recounted that he subsequently encountered Mohbad at a music video shoot, which happened to be in close proximity to his residence. He approached the musician again, seeking repayment of the outstanding debt. This encounter led to a five-minute argument, during which one of Mohbad’s friends purportedly assured Sam Larry that the money would be reimbursed. To date, however, no payment has been received.

Highlighting that the dispute occurred early the previous year, Sam Larry emphasised that he had moved on and even travelled to Kenya to search for a new African act to perform at his mother’s annual concert, departing on August 20 and remaining overseas since. He expressed his detachment from the ongoing situation and the fact that he knew nothing about the circumstances surrounding the musician’s passing.
The Statement by Sam Larry

Sam Larry wrote, “Two year’s ago, I gave Ileri N2 million to perform at my mother’s annual remembrance concert at Ikorodu. The boy never turned up. So I called him to ask why. He then said he was not feeling well. When I asked for a refund, he said he lost his phone and money recently when the NDLEA raided his place, and since he was leaving Marlian Records, he is now broke with no commitment to repay. I then left, all for me to later hear that this same boy was having a musical video shoot next door, practically the next street to my house.”

He continued, “So I went there to ask for my money again. We had an argument that lasted five minutes. Even one of his friends insisted he was going to pay the money. Up till today, one Kobo they have not paid me. This was early last year. I have since moved on. I travelled to Kenya to find a new African act that could perform at my mother’s concert this year. I have been away since August 20! Till now, I don’t know anything other than what was written in the blogs and press. I don’t even know where he lives I only know his former label boss and their house.”

“I don’t know any nurse, doctor, or hospital. I don’t know anything about his movement; I don’t have that time. I have lost a lot more money than that before; you win some, you lose some. That is my story, case closed. I came here willingly and happily. I know nothing about how the musician died,” Sam Larry concluded..