JUST IN: “Why do you want me dead” Destiny Etiko cries out over colleagues hatred towards her (Video)


Actress Destiny Etiko Questions colleagues and followers who wants her dead

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has sent out a message to people who hates her

She questions them on why they want her dead

The beautiful actress advised them to live and let her live too.


Popular Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko finds herself amidst a storm of controversy as she questions her, colleagues, fans and followers who wants her dead.

The talented actress expresses her deep dismay and bewilderment over the animosity she has been facing from some colleagues and followers.

This hatred directed towards Destiny caused her to question the motives behind such unwarranted wish.

The actress questioned why they neither like her nor want to see her progress.

She wonders if in event of her passing, who would look after her mother and take care of her responsibilities.

She reminded her haters how large the world is to contain everybody.

In her words:

“Why don’t you like me? Why is my little progress peppering you for body? Why don’t you want me to move forward? Later, you go carry the oil wey dey for my head put for your own, can it work? Of course not. Would you take care of my mother? Would you take care of my responsibilities? Will you answer my name? The world is too large to contain everybody”.

In another story, Netizens drag Destiny Etiko for referring to Kevin Ikeduba and Diamond Okechi as Mugu

It all ensued after Kevin Ikeduba took to his Instagram page to celebrate Diamond Okechi on his birthday by sharing a funny video they acted together.

The clip which amused a lot of netizens got people dropping comments under the post. Destiny Etiko who was among those who reacted took to the comment section to pen a comment.

Owing to the funny video, Destiny Etiko hilariously described them as ‘mugu’ which implies a foolish person.

While some understood that Destiny Etiko’s comment was lighthearted, others took offence due to her choice of words.

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