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Ladies who marry Yahoo Boys should also be prosecuted – Regha to EFCC

Daniel Regha, a well-known social media critic, has urged the Nigerian government to take legal action and punish women who marry Yahoo Boys or other online fraudsters.

He claimed that because they actively assisted and encouraged online fraudsters, they should be held accountable in the same ways.

Regha, a passionate advocate for a number of social causes, claimed that the actions of the Yahoo Boys and their accomplices were harming lives.

He wrote; “There should be a legal punishment for ladies who date or marry yahoo boys; Many are accomplices and should equally be sent to prison for encouraging cybercriminals.

The war against cybercrime should be taken seriously because these people ain’t only a nuisance, but are also ruining lives.“

Check out replies gathered:

@iamLordRae; What about yahoo Boys parents? What about their pastors? What about their landlords? What about the police officers who shield them. Daniel you’ve been in this country a long time to know that almost everybody in this country should be arrested.

@danielchenko12; Yahoo no allow us see cloth buy for boutique again; Na dem still make house rent cost

@asonye_queen; Athink u should first talk about unemployment, high rate of insecurity and kidnapping everywhere before talking about Yahoo boys.

Government should look for a way to better the life of youth not using them to make more money. @DanielRegha talk to Nigeria government u no get talk