Lady Clashes With Driver Who Failed To Turn On AC After Paying N7200 (Video)

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A video has captured the moment a woman confronted a cab driver who refused to turn on the air conditioner despite paying N7200 for his services.

She stated that she paid the sum of N35,000 to install her frontals and would not want it to melt because of the hot car.

In a video shared online, the woman expressed her frustration over the driver’s unprofessional behaviour, which quickly led to an argument between them.

The driver explained that he wouldn’t use the car’s AC due to the flooded area, promising to turn it on once they reached the highway.

Despite her initial understanding, the driver still refused to turn on the air conditioner on the highway, resulting in a heated exchange.

The woman was charged N7,200 by the popular car-hailing service and declared she would not pay because the trip was unsatisfactory. She insisted it was her right as a passenger to have a comfortable, air-conditioned ride.

Watch The Video Below;

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