“(Lionel Messi) Is Very Evil” – Marcelo Unveils the Inter Miami Star’s Deceptive Genius, Drawing Parallels With Rival Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid legend Marcelo once famously choseas the ‘toughest opponent’ he’s ever faced. Well, that’s no surprise. There were days when Leo Messi single-handedly plundered Madrid in the coveted Barcelona-Madrid El Clasico matches.

He is the only player in the game’s history to boast two El Clasico hat-tricks. Once, a battered and bleeding Messi scored a last-minute strike to oust Real Madrid at home.

These are just a few of Messi’s heroics that gave sleepless nights to the likes of Marcelo. Now, the ex-Madrid star has detailed how La Pulga cunningly avoids defenders’ reckless tackles.

While speaking about Leo Messi’s might, Marcelo brought his ex-teammate and best friendinto the conversation. The Brazilian laid bare one similarity between the two modern-day icons.

In a recent interview, Marcelo was asked how difficult it was to mark Lionel Messi in the El Clasico games.“He [Messi] is very evil. I tried to hit him a lot. He is calm and then out of nowhere, he starts dodging. I think he thinks before everyone else,”said Marcelo.

The El Clasico is notably infamous for excessively rough gameplay. Remember the ‘Jordan Rules’ the ‘Bad Boy Pistons’ played by to stop? The Madrid stars might have had something similar to stop the former Barcelona skipper. But as Marcelo pointed out, the 8x Ballon d’Or ceaselessly survived those attempts with his usual trickery.

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After recalling how Messi deceived him and his fellow defenders, the Brazilian spoke about his similarity with Ronaldo.“He and Cristiano enter the area to score goals.

They score goals because they really like to score,”Marcelo added. Truer words have never been spoken. Moreover, the Real Madrid veteran might have tried to tackle in an attempt to stop Messi, but he has always consciously shied away from talking trash to the Barca icon.

In an earlier interview, Marcelo let out a strange revelation about the Madrid locker room. As per the 5x UEFA Champions League winner, all Real Madrid players reached a consensus that they must not do anything to provoke Lionel Messi in El Clasico games! It is quite contrary to the usual spirit of the El Clasico.

It is one stage where players mercilessly draw daggers against each other and talk trash. However, Marcelo said he had never said anything to provoke Messi because he was aware of the severe repercussions.

Notably, in the 2016-17 season, Madrid defenders consistently tackled Messi and brought him down. It was so intense that the Argentine even started to bleed. That was enough to provoke the 2022 World Champion.

He fired at Real’s goal in extra time and won the game in front of Madrid’s home crowd. Adding insult to injury, La Pulga removed his t-shirt and waved it to a raucous Santiago Bernabéu crowd. So it is no surprise that such bitter lessons have forced the Madrid players to keep their cool against the Barcelona stalwart.