Livestock ministry: Tinubu only interested in reelection – Kalu Aja

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A financial analyst and educator, Kalu Aja, has suggested that President Bola Tinubu is only interested in reelection.

Aja also said that Tinubu is neither interested in budgetary discipline nor implementing the Oransanya report.

The statement came after the President announced on Tuesday the creation of a new ministry for livestock development.

DAILY POST reported that Tinubu made the announcement while inaugurating the Presidential Committee on Livestock Reforms at the Council Chamber of the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Tuesday.

However, in a post on his X handle on Tuesday, Aja wondered why the administration which spoke eloquently about implementing the Oransanya report was creating a brand new ministry for cows.

He said: “If the North today asks for Federal land and federal funding for RUGA, they will get it

“If they ask for all roads to have air conditioning, they will get it also

“This President is not interested in budgetary discipline or implementing the Oransanya report; he is only interested in reelection

“The administration that spoke eloquently about implementing the Oransanya report is creating a brand new ministry for cows.

“To my Northern brothers and sisters, please, I am not attacking you; you know how to play this fiscal federalism game well.

“You have gotten Sokoto to Lagos ‘super highway’, kudos; push harder, and you will get an inland port in Kano with complete dredging of inland Rivers.

“To ‘Ndi economists’, budget watchers, and those expecting an economic miracle, I say ‘collect your L in peace.’”

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