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LP: They Beat Up Their Party Chairman The Other Day, And Today, They Harassed A SAN In The Court -Dokubo

Asari Dokubo, an ex-militant in the Niger Delta, has taken on the Labour Party in the wake of the crisis that has wreaked havoc on the organisation. He has made allegations, such that the Labour Party’s chairman was beaten up and that a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) was harassed at court today.

Dokubo, speaking with newsmen to show his support for Tinubu’s administration, said that Tinubu’s opponents can’t accomplish anything despite resorting to violence against their own party chairman and another SAN was harassed in court today.

He continued, saying that they are not playing, and that the Tinubu administration and its followers have a lot of credibility.

“They cannot show an equivalent of what Bola Tinubu has achieved, and yet they open their mouths to talk rots,” he said. We’re in court today because yesterday they harassed a SAN and today they beat up their party chairman in Apapa. These individuals are not putting on a show; we can be relied upon.

I’m curious as to your thoughts on this claim. Don’t be shy about sharing your opinions down below.

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