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Man expresses regret as girlfriend who stopped him from doing fraud ends up with Yahoo boy

A young man who goes by the Twitter handle @imbrakoby expressed sorrow for listening to his ex-girlfriend who discouraged him from entering Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud).

He learned that the same woman ended up dating a Yahoo boy, which is why he is hurt and regretful.

He described what transpired, claiming that he was already learning because he had purchased VPN logs, pictures, and all the other tools required to get started. However, she made threats to leave him.

He made the decision to quit their relationship out of love, but years later he witnessed her having fun with her Yahoo boyfriend overseas.

@imbrakoby wrote; “This girl threatened to break up with me when she realized I was learning fraud. I bought logs for a VPN, got pictures, and all that, but because of love, I stopped. Fast forward to 2023; we are no more, but guess what? She is chilling with a fraud boy in Dubai.”