Man Proudly Flaunts His Young Oyinbo Wife Online, Calls Her His Biggest Life Accomplishment

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A young man has showed off his oyinbo wife as his greatest achievement in life.


The man identified as Daniel Chitombi took to Tiktok to make the revelation.


He revealed that his wife brings him happiness, and because of that he is proud of her.


“I remember the teacher who said I wouldn’t amount to anything. Well, look at my beautiful wife now,” Daniel’s video caption read.


Netizens Reactions:


@User asked: “Bro is your wife married?”


@Bess said: “Bro healed his inner child. Love it for him.”


@QueenVee said: “And the teacher is still probably teaching grade 3 somewhere.”


@Fifen said: “You still hasn’t accomplished anything, that teacher is still right! How you gon be flexing mayonnaise?”


@Namtelove said: “Meat is such a luxury guys… having a fridge full of Meat is such an accomplishment. You won my brother.”


@Nicky said: “You definitely made it in life. she’s soooooo stunning. enjoy the meat.”


@upendu said: “Your wife alone is a bigger and greater accomplishment.”


@goitsemodimosele9 said: “I wish I can update the teacher who told me that I won’t finish school that I have a beautiful girlfriend, working and about to graduate.”


See below;

@daniel_chitombi send this to that one teacher 😂 @Ingrid-rose #danielchitombi #interracialcouple #relationships #GlowUp #Love #gf #bf ♬ original sound – Daniel chitombi

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