Manchester United winger Antony denies abuse allegations in tearful interview

Antony has now spoken openly about the allegations during an interview with Brazilian TV show Fofocalizando on Friday.

“I am positive that I have never touched a woman,” she said. And I’ll bring the evidence with me. The truth will be revealed, Antony assured.

“I have never attacked, and I will never attack.” I’m positive I’ve never used physical force. Violence in speech She and I both offended each other. Both sides were affected. Never use physical violence.

“I want to prove to the public that this is who I am. I have a lot of goals in mind. I have a lot of aspirations and goals. I want to demonstrate my true self. I want to prove Antony is innocent of all of this and I want to join the national team again.

Cavallin accused Antony of assaulting her in a hotel earlier this year, resulting in a cut on her head, to which Antony directly responded, “Negative. Never did I touch her.

I won’t ever headbutt somebody. She messaged me while she was in a hotel. We drove to her hotel after I trained in the morning. Everything was normal—we had lunch together, we conversed, and so on. She was annoyed by one thing, though: when I stated I had to go because of appointments.

‘I told her I had to leave, we got into a fight, and she grabbed my face and yelled, ‘Look at me!” She did that and touched my face with her hand. I entered the loo, used it for about five minutes, and then I came out and said, “I need to leave.” You’re not going, she said as she halted at the door, and she forbade me from leaving. She prevented me from leaving when I tried to.

Then she shattered plates and glasses. She flung it down and also threw it in my direction. She piled up on me. I grabbed her and held her there. I never had the chance to press it. She wasn’t headbutted by me. I was already home when she texted me the picture of the wounded head; I had already left. She wasn’t hurt when I was at the motel with her earlier. I have no idea what transpired. We were there, I comforted her while holding her, and eventually she relaxed. We spoke, and then I left to attend to work-related matters at home.

Cavallin has also claimed that Antony punched her, damaging a breast implant and necessitating surgery.

When questioned about that particular claim, Antony responded, “Never. I strike a female in the chest. I held her, as I told you, but I didn’t hold her tightly. Prior to my meeting her, her silicone condition was identified in 2020. She already needed to replace a silicone item.

Antony said when asked if he worries about his United contract being terminated: “It’s not something that crosses my mind.”

“I am aware of the truth, and it will surface. Although I am aware that many people are torturing me, the truth always comes out. United is handling everything related to the probe. They have been following and will keep doing so.

It was challenging, Antony admitted.

I was particularly outraged over something that, in my opinion, isn’t true and has grown to be so significant. When I learned that I would be getting my hair trimmed, my mother and I were present. No, it’s simple.