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Many Ministers Claim That Virtue Has Left Them, But I Have Never Experienced This In My Life, According To Oyedepo

At the Enough is Enough Service at Faith Tabernacle in Canaanland, Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, delivered a sermon on “Walking In Dominion Over Sickness And Disease 4”

He discussed the spirit of pride when talking about the demonic spirits that are responsible for various illnesses and ailments. “Pride is poison to the body,” he declared. It may result in physical degeneration. It has the ability to flip a man’s DNA, transforming him into a beast. We observed how Herod’s pride caused worms to devour him. harmful and poisonous.Pride! It has an impact on your body in addition to your employment and occupation.

Then he continued, “There are those who, regardless of what you say here, already know it; however, it is not visible, so you are unaware of it. If something doesn’t set you free, you are unaware of it. They don’t think they’re ignorant. They are quite knowledgeable. Yes, I’m aware that he’ll use 1 John 5:4. Although you have heard of it and read about it, you are unaware of it. If you don’t read, you won’t know. Knowing the truth will free you to demonstrate your knowledge. You haven’t known any truths that lack evidence.

“A lot of ministers will preach and claim that virtue has left them, but virtue has never left me in my life,” he continued. It is not my virtue to revive the dead or heal the sick. I’ll be gone if you take away my virtue. Simply put, Jesus was searching for a platform or a conduit through which to express his virtue. So you just burst into tears when you claim to be the owner. You are not being flooded with anything. The killer is pride. In church, someone sits down without taking any notes; he is simply sitting.

Finally, he concluded, “God withdraws Himself because of pride. He opposes the arrogant, but He shows grace to the lowly. Many families have been destroyed by pride. Satan claims that even if the woman and the guy are both proud, they are not the only ones.