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March 11 Election: Lagos, Plateau Citizens Should Vote Labour Party For A Better Nigeria

March 11 Election: Lagos, Plateau Citizens Should Vote Labour Party For A Better Nigeria

Following the impressive performance of the Labour Party, LP, on the 25th of February Saturday of Presidential and National Assembly election, a Jos-based businessman, Chief Achi Chijioke has charged citizens to come out en mass and vote massively for LP Governorship candidate, Dr Patrick Dakum during the March 11 governorship and state assembly election.

Chief Achi stated this in an interview in Jos and appealed to peace-loving citizens of Nigeria not to be deterred by what the INEC connived with some groups to cause disaffection.

He accused INEC of trying to promote religious agenda to change the outcome of the presidential election results in the favour of Asiwaju Ahmed Tunibu knowing that he lost the election.

According to him, Nigerians virtually queuing to buy their own money, at fueling stations monumental killings and sacking of natives communities under President Muhammadu Buahari regime is the worst administration in the history of this country where people are being massacred, maimed by Fulani marauders in the night.

Achi said the decision to support Labour across the length and breadth of Nigeria was borne out of the interest of unity and liberating citizens from the bondage of APC and placing the country on the path of steady growth and development.

He said, ” Dr Patrick Dakum has left no one in doubt that Plateau is an LP state. The party need the support of all patriotic citizens in Plateau State to win the March 11 governorship election to end the APC misgovernance in the state.

“It is heartwarming to note that based on the official results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the LP won Plateau with a landslide victory but that is not the results they announced.

“We appeal to all patriotic residence of Plateau State to put behind the party and ethnic sentiment and settle down for LP in the March election for the prosperity of our state and avoid the evil manipulation of Mahmoud Yakubu by encouraging democracy to work .”

Chief Achi Chijioke disclosed that, although the result of the Presidential election as announced by INEC does not reflect the desire and expectations of Nigerians and called on Plateau citizens to come out enmass and support the LP candidate to end the self-centred APC administration that caused a setback for the state.

“We wish to encourage all Nigerian citizens and other ethnic nationalities residence across states that the time has come for us to be united and take political decisions with regards to who will lead us in the next four years.

We cannot afford to divide ourselves ahead of the next election, enough of APC misrule in Plateau.

“We entrusted the States into their hands in the last eight years but we are all disappointed with their performance. Since President Muhammadu Buhari came on board people have lost trust in governance

“Citizens have never had it bad as it is now, we cannot re-enforce failure of the APC, and continue to witness underdevelopment and religious bigots hijacking the country and treating others as second-class citizens under the watch of Christians.

He reaffirmed that it is in the collective interest of the people for all citizens to rally around the LP governorship candidate who has demonstrated resilience, leadership courage and determination to move the state forward.