May 29: I Hardly Cope With Pressure Because I Don’t Know What The Tribunal Will Says, Buhari Speaks

President Muhammadu Buhari recently expressed his anticipation for the upcoming six days before he leaves office. According to PunchNews, he revealed that he finds it challenging to cope with the pressure of the office because he is uncertain about the decision of the tribunal.

The President made these comments during a dinner organized for him by the Nigerian Armed Forces in Abuja. Buhari apologized for being late and deviated from his prepared speech, expressing his eagerness for the tribunal to make a decision before May 29th, a significant day that everyone has been waiting for. He also commended the military and urged them to remain steadfast in the face of the security challenges the country is currently facing.

President Buhari’s statement at the dinner highlighted his anticipation and unease regarding the tribunal’s decision and the impending end of his term. His remarks conveyed a sense of pressure and the importance of the upcoming days.

He acknowledged the sacrifices and contributions of the military in addressing security challenges and ensuring the success of the elections. The President’s speech also emphasized the significance of the dinner as an opportunity to reflect on the past, present, and future of the Nigerian Armed Forces and to commend their loyalty, dedication, and service to the nation.

In summary, President Buhari expressed his eagerness for the next six days before he leaves office, citing the pressure he faces due to uncertainty about the tribunal’s decision. He apologized for the delay and urged the military to remain resilient in the face of security challenges. Buhari acknowledged the military’s sacrifices and contributions and emphasized the importance of the dinner as a platform to appreciate their efforts and reflect on the armed forces’ role in the country’s past and future.