Meet 5 Countries In The World That Are Difficult To Obtain Their Citizenship

Obtaining citizenship in certain countries can be an arduous and complex process, often requiring substantial time, resources, and effort. Here are five countries in the world that are known for their challenging citizenship requirements:.

1. Switzerland.

Switzerland’s citizenship process is notoriously demanding. Foreigners typically must reside in the country for at least 10 years, demonstrate fluency in a local language, integrate into Swiss society, and pass stringent tests on Swiss culture and history. Even then, approval is not guaranteed.

2. United Arab Emirates.

The UAE’s citizenship criteria have historically been strict. While they introduced a more flexible citizenship law in 2020, it remains challenging to obtain Emirati citizenship. Requirements include significant contributions to the nation’s development, outstanding skills, and professional expertise.

3. Singapore.

Singapore imposes rigorous standards for citizenship. Prospective citizens must reside in the country for years, hold Permanent Resident status, and demonstrate a strong commitment to Singapore’s values and society. The government carefully evaluates applicants, making it a selective process.

4. Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian citizenship is notoriously difficult to obtain for expatriates. While they have recently eased some requirements for investors and skilled professionals, it remains a complex process. Applicants often need a Saudi sponsor and must meet specific criteria.

5. Qatar.

Qatar’s citizenship is limited to a small percentage of the population. Applicants must have lived in Qatar for a minimum of 20 years, be fluent in Arabic, and demonstrate significant contributions to the country. Even then, citizenship is not guaranteed.