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Meet Boy Reunites With Family Five Years After Declared Missing

It was a happy and emotional reunion for Somtochukwu Nwanchito and his family as he was reunited with his family after five years that he was declared missing.

According to the Imo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Vulnerable Group Commissioner, Nkechinyere Ugwu, the boy was about three years old when he was abducted from his family five years ago.

He was said to be playing with his friends when he was abducted.

He was found by the police in Enugu and was handed to Enugu State Ministry of Gender Affairs who then contacted Imo State Ministry of Women Affair and the ministry.

The ministry said, “Young Somtochukwu Nwanchito was taken from his family, 5 years ago as he was playing with other little children. Somtochukwu was almost 3 years old at the time. The family searched for him to no avail.

The statement said, “He was recently found In Enugu by the Nigerian Police who handed him over to the Enugu State Ministry of Gender Affairs. Luckily, Somtochukwu remembered he hailed from somewhere called Awo Omamma. They contacted the Imo State Ministry of Women Affairs, and he was returned to us.

“The ministry has since made relentless efforts to find his family. To the glory of God, the family was located, and the Ministry successfully reunited him with his family. On Friday, September 8, 2023, we handed him over to his mother, Mrs. Ifeoma Uwalaka and his uncle Chief Eze.