Most Decisions That Have Been Made Focus On The Candidates’ Qualifications. LIBOUS OSHOMA

An attorney from Nigeria named Liborous Oshoma asserts that the bulk of the election tribunal’s decisions have mostly focused on the candidates’ qualifications. He suggested that the election tribunal for 2023 can adopt the same tactic by carefully scrutinizing President Bola Tinubu’s credentials in an interview with Arise TV news. He asserts that the tribunal wouldn’t spend much time on the irregularities at the polling stations because of its technicality.

According to him, the majority of the decisions that have been rendered center on the applicants’ credentials. The court further asserts that qualification is applicable in both pre-election and post-election circumstances. You discover that petitioners avoid the challenging work of demonstrating anomalies by voting units because they don’t want to bother about it themselves.

They therefore look for the best candidate. Did those who have the authority to hold the primaries do so lawfully? Are the certifications that the applicants supplied legitimate? Were the certifications fraudulent or real? They all keep an eye out for these issues.